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Notary Public Services

Posted December 2, 2023

Now available free at the library.

See our In House Services page for more details

We have several staff members throughout the building that are registered notaries and offer our services free of charge. While we do have several Notary Publics on staff, we ask that you call ahead of time to make sure that a notary is in the building and available to notarize.

Anyone requesting notarization must provide the completed, but unsigned document to be notarized, a witness or witnesses if required by the document, as well as a valid, unexpired state, federal, or government ID that features their signature and photo.

As deeds, mortgages or other real estate closing documents can require technical or legal knowledge beyond the scope of our knowledge, we cannot notarize those items, nor can we provide any legal or professional advice in regards to documents being notarized.

Illinois law requires that the notary and person requesting notarization be able to communicate directly with each other, and we are, therefore, unable to notarize documents in languages which we are not fluent.
If you have further questions regarding our notary services, you can contact us at 309-852-4505

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