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How Do I....

Get a library card?

Any Kewanee Public Library District resident or property owner, Kindergarten age and up is eligible to receive a library card free of charge.


In order to maintain accurate records and protect our patrons, we require a photo ID with a correct Kewanee address. In lieu of this, a photo ID and separate proof of address, such as a utility bill, is acceptable. A parent or guardian is required for anyone under the age of 17 years. Your card will be good for three years from the time it was issued.

If your library card is lost or stolen, please notify us as soon as you are able to help us best secure your account. A replacement card is available free of charge, but donations are always appreciated.

If we do not have your picture in our system, we will ask for a photo ID to renew or replace your card.

Any outstanding fees on your card must be paid before your library card may be renewed or a replacement card can be issued.

Please call the Library at 852-4505 with any questions.

Checking Items out

To check items out, you must have your library card, a picture saved in our system, or a photo ID.

You may check out items on another person’s card with their permission. To verify, they must be with you at the time of check out or you must have their card in hand. If picking up items on the behalf of someone else, we do ask that they notify us ahead of time when possible.

Your Kewanee Public Library card may be used to check out items at any library within the RSA library consortium as long as it is in good standing.

To use your library card outside of RSA, you will need to speak with the lending library to request one of their barcodes be added to your KPLD card.
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Know how long items check out?

When you check out items at any of the service desks, you will receive a receipt with the due dates for each item you check out. If there is ever any question or you lose the slip, you can always call us or check online.

Loan Periods

NEW Books – 7 Days

DVDs and Blu-rays – 7 Days

Periodicals – 7 Days

Reference materials – Do Not Circulate

Hotspots – 2 Weeks

Games – 3 Weeks

All other materials – 3 Weeks

Vacation loans and Teacher loans are available upon request. Vacation loans allow for a four-week checkout while Teacher loans checkout for six weeks.

Renewing Materials

New materials, DVDs, and Blu-rays may be renewed one (1) time.

Hotspots are not eligible for renewal.

All other library materials may be renewed two (2) times.

No materials may be renewed if there is an existing wait list on the item.

Returning Materials

Library materials may be returned at the circulation desk on any of our three floors.

A “Drive-Up” book return may be accessed by turning off of Central Blvd into the alley located behind the library. The library book drop is located at the end of the alley, near the First Street exit.

In addition to our “Drive-Up” book return, we also have a book return by the elevator entrance on the north side (First Street) of the building.
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Pay for overdue fines or services? 


The Kewanee Public Library is a fine-free library. Patrons will not be charged for overdue materials if they are returned to the library. The patron will be responsible for the cost of any items that are not returned. Some exceptions may apply.

Materials checked out from our Library of Things do accrue fines at the rate of $5 per day overdue.

There is no grace period on any items.


All of our services are available free of charge, but donations are always appreciated.

Any returned checks will be subject to a $10 charge in addition to any bank charges.
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Place a hold?

Your library card not only allows you to access materials in Kewanee Public Library’s collection, but also the materials in libraries affiliated with the Resource Sharing Alliance library consortium. You can look at these collections using the catalog available on our website. When you find the material you are looking for, you can place a hold directly from the online catalog and you will be notified when the item is ready for pick up.

To place holds in the RSA Cat, login to the catalog using your library card number (located on the back of your card) and PIN (password).

After you have logged in, your name will replace the login boxes in the upper right corner of the catalog.

To Place a Hold:

First search for the material you are interested in.

On the search results screen, click on the “Place Hold” button.

On the Place Hold screen, you may change your pickup library, if desired. To complete your hold, click on the “Place Hold” button. You will see a message if your hold has been successfully placed or a notification if the hold is not allowed. Not all items are eligible for holds; eligibility is determined by the item’s home library.

To learn more about the features of our online catalog, you may read our RSACat brochure.
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How do I find items that are not in the catalog?

Interlibrary Loans

If you are unable to find what you are looking for within our or any RSA library’s catalog, you may ask at the Information Services desk on our lower level and we will be happy to look outside of our system for the material you are interested in. You will be notified if we are unable to locate the item you requested or when it is ready to be picked up.

Once we have received your item and notified you that it is ready for pick up, you have seven (7) days to pick up your hold. All holds can be picked up at the Circulation desk on the Main floor.

We do not charge any fees associated with borrowing items from other libraries. However, in special circumstances, some libraries may charge to loan items. Should this case arise, we will ask for authorization before completing the request.
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