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Homebound Services

These services are for those that are homebound for a short time (Patron Assistance) or long term (Outreach) and for those who are blind or print disabled (see bottom of page).

Patron Assistance

Every so often a patron may require assistance in receiving library service, but they are not technically eligible for our Outreach service as their need is only temporary. In those cases, we have our patron assistance program.

With our patron assistance service, you are able to send a representative to the library with your card to check out items on your behalf. We simply ask that you let us know ahead of time that someone will be picking items up for you.

If your need for assistance transfers to something more permanent, we can continue to allow your representative to come into the library on your behalf, or we can get you signed up for Outreach services.


Our Outreach, home delivery program, is a program that delivers library materials directly to the door of anyone who lives within the library district and finds themselves confined to their home.  There are no fees involved in joining this program. Once you’ve signed up, materials will be delivered to your door on a preset schedule.  Any items that the library circulates can be checked out and delivered.  While there is a limit of 25 items at a time, we do recommend that you request no more than ten, depending on your own needs.  Once everything is set to go, library staff will deliver on your scheduled day, calling ahead of time to let you know we are on our way. Sign up is easy.  If you know your library card is current, simply call the library and let us know you’d like to start home delivery.  If you don’t have a current library card, no need to worry.  If you’re able, you can stop in during open hours, and we can issue you one in less than five minutes.  If you aren’t able to make it in, give us a call and we can come to you to gather the needed information. In your first delivery, we will include a form that will let us know what you prefer to have delivered and if you’d like us to pick them for you or if you’d like to choose items yourself. For more information, or if you have any questions, we’re only a phone call away at 309-852-4505. If you are not technically eligible for our outreach services, or your need is temporary, look into our Patron Assistance service.

Blind and Print Disabled Service

In addition to our Homebound Delivery, the Illinois State Library works together with the National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled and circulates books to all residents enrolled in the Talking Book and Braille Service to provide audio and braille library service via mail or digital download to any Illinois resident who is unable to read standard print material due to a permanent or temporary visual or physical disability.  For more details on this service, you can head to



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