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Collection Fund and Memorials
Technology Fund
Building Fund
Century Club

Collection Fund and Memorials

We’re at our best when we’re current. In order to keep relevant information on our shelves, we must be constantly adding to our collection. While we don’t exclude the classics, new materials are what keep us in business.

Cash donations may be given to the library for the general collection, or you may designate that your donation be applied toward a specific subject, age, group, material, or even a specific book.

If you’re interested in honoring someone special in your life with a donation, fill out the form below, or stop at the Circulation desk for a paper copy, and a bookplate commemorating the donation will be placed on or in the item and the donation will be included in our donor book.

Technology Fund

Libraries are all about information. We offer computers to bridge the internet gap, hotspots to expand your at-home access, scanners, laptops, open access WIFI, and more. We offer classes on 3D printing and photography. We host Tech Hours where you’re invited to bring in your devices. All of this requires a working knowledge of technology and working technology. Consider donating to our Technology Fund to ensure that we can keep up with the ever-changing technological landscape and better help you.

Building Fund

We are incredibly honored to be the continued guardians of the historical building that is our original 1906 Carnegie Library building, but as with any building, that comes with the continued costs of maintenance and upkeep. In recent years, we have replaced the steps leading to our front entrance, worked on various landscaping projects, and had contractors of all shapes and sizes coming in to do everything from changing out our light bulbs with new energy efficient LEDs to cleaning out the air ducts throughout the building.

But we can’t do all of it without help. Join us in maintaining our historic building for generations to come by donating to our Building Fund.

Century Club

What is the Century Club? The Century Club is a group of stakeholders and friends whose contributions will continue to maintain our historical century-old building for another century. Century Club donations are annual donations provided by individuals, businesses, and organizations.

Join our Century Club by making a tax-deductible donation of $100 or more and have your name commemorated in our Century Club Book.



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